Concern has been expressed about the principals and practicalities of monitoring teaching resources shared on Glow at local authority and national levels.

This is an entirely unofficial gathering of views which do not in any way represent the stance of our respective employers in these matters but might well inform any debate.

There are to my mind two separate but linked issues. In the first place there is the question of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) or Copyright. Secondly there is very important issue of generating a culture of teachers sharing their own resources through Glow and especially the VLE, Glow Learn. It is is one of the principal objectives of the Glow project that teachers and pupils should use it to collaborate, to share learning and, in the jargon, to network.

However the dilemma for the managers of Glow is their worry about contraventions of copyright which could prove very expensive. Of less importance to my mind is the matter of the quality of the shared resources.

So this is by way of introduction and all contributions to this debate will be welcomed.
The debate is underway in the discussion section.